Tehran TV show reminded me of my childhood (Pics inside!)

It’s an excellent show, and watching it reminded me of my childhood where on the way from India to Israel, in 1958, we briefly stopped in Tehran airport.


I love that show! Here is the trailer, if anyone is thinking about checking it out:

Cool pic btw.

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How old were you and Miriam?
You look to be about 5

We loved this show!!!

I was 5 years old and Talia was almost 4

I just saw this post. It’s the next new show show I guess

Oh interesting. I have not heard of this show. I’ll have to check it out.

Loved Tehran, haven’t seen Fauda.

Ori and I loved both Tehran and Fauda! Thanks for the recommendation

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I looked it up and it’s not available to watch yet, but added to list… thanks!